Metamorphosis Under The Chatham Light

from by Mark Mosher

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This soundscape is the soundtrack to an imaginary experience where, using a special morphing environment suit, the wearer can instantly transition from a land to sea simply by walking into the surf.

The piece begins with you observing a figure walking down the steps on to Chatham Lighthouse Beach late at night. The figure is silhouetted by the beam of the Chatham Light. As the figure walks past you and on to the beach you switch to the figure’s point of view. You then walk towards the ocean with the beam of the Chatham Light swinging out over your head and enter the surf. As you enter the surf, your environment suit extends and wraps you like a second skin. You hear the mechanics of the metamorphosis as the suit jacks in to your mind and adjusts your buoyancy allowing you to keep walking down on to the sea floor. Under the ocean the sensors isolate and amplify sounds from the environment. You close your eyes and listen – and return once again to the land.

Artist Notes:
Based on a field recording I made at night on Chatham Lighthouse Beach, MA. I recorded myself walking down the metal stairs to the beach and right up to the surf and back. I used digital effects such as comb filters and synths to make the more synthetic sounds.

Date & Time of field recording: January 13th, 2012, 10pm
Location: Chatham Lighthouse Beach, Cape Cod, MA
Recorder: Zoom H2
Format:  44.1kHz/24bit 120 degree stereo

Instruments and Instrumentalities:
Ableton Live
Ableton Sampler
U-HE Zebra 2, Zebra HZ
Izotope Iris
Rob Papen Predator
Automation envelopes


from Sonic Encounters Volume 01, track released August 27, 2012
Music, Sounds, Story, Notes and Cover art by Mark Mosher
©2012 Mark J. Mosher




Mark Mosher Boulder, Colorado

Electronic Musician, Composer, and Performer from Boulder CO composing original instrumental electronica, dark ambient and experimental music for Sci-fi and synth fans.

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