Sonic Encounters Volume 02

by Mark Mosher



The Sonic Encounters Volume 02 album contains 8 improvisational soundscapes with over 40 minutes of original music from season 2 of Mark Mosher's Sonic Encounters podcast.

The songs are a combination of electronic tonalities derived from pure synthesis from Mark's original sound design work, and musique concrète using original sounds and field recordings.

The bandcamp edition allows you to choose from CD Quality FLAC, high-def MP3-320 as well as other formats allowing you to hear even more sonic detail within these works.

Season 03 of Sonic Encounters Podcast is coming soon. To tune in to past and future episodes visit

“Goosebumps and Deep Breaths… these rich soundscape “stories” sincerely do thrill my senses.

The concept for Sonic Encounters (so far, and in my interpretation) is this. You read a short text (sometimes the title is enough) on the premise of the “story” before listening. Then you listen to a purely sonic piece of field recording morphed with music, electronic manipulation, and performance, and you’re immediately transported via your own imagination’s 3D projection of his premise.

Mark’s become a consummate sound artist. He creates powerful imagery and elicits surprisingly keen emotional response from the listener without being heavy-handed. His economy and value in precision is proof of his skill. ” –


1 - Department of Entropy
In a deep dark corner of universe, ancient bureaucrats monitor and nudge the machinery that controls the decay of the all things. Sometimes they dance. Welcome to the Department of Entropy.

2 - Slipping Into Stasis Entering Jump Gate 42
Come experience Jump Gate 42, the only 2-stage nested faster-than-light stable wormhole in the galaxy! Using our proprietary time-released stasis injection and next-generation hibernation pod you can - for the first time - perceive sound and light for 6 minutes and 42 seconds as you slip into stasis.

Act now as the gate will collapse and 437 days. Operators standing by to your book reservation for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Don’t take our word for it, check out what our customers are saying.

“My ‘trip’ through Jump Gate 42 was a life-changing experience man! I felt like the universe and I merged into one. Dude!!! It’s right up there with The Tannhauser Gate and shouldn’t be missed.” - Bill, Mars Colony 422

“It looked like something right out of the film 2001. Stanley Kubrick was either a visionary or time traveler from the future. Mind blowing!"

3 - Primeval (Track 1 from the album No Ghosts. Just Fear.)
Amygdala kicks in as you enter the fear zone. Remember, it's all in your head!

I use hand crafted synthetic sounds (subtractive and additive synthesis) to create strange tones, textures. and rhythms to build tension. Fast note-runs, and radical tempo changes will creep you out. This piece was performed using Percussa AudioCubes.

4 - Last Known Transmission of the Expedition to Explore The Undersea Cave of the Giant

5 - Operation Polynya
A secret mission in the Arctic to recover the ancient artifact begins.

6 - Tonalities from Orbit 03
This is the Krell again. We are beaming a 3rd tonality to your station. Are you receiving? Video of performance:

7 - Dancing at the Edge of Entropy

8 - "Of Snow and Light"


released August 10, 2019

Music, sounds, stories and cover art by Mark Mosher
Performed and produced by Mark Mosher

© 2018-2019 Mark J. Mosher except "Pimeval" which is copyright © 2012 by Mark J. Mosher




Mark Mosher Boulder, Colorado

Experimental musician and multimedia artist from Boulder, CO. Music with a focus on cinematic narrative spanning techno, electro, electroacoustic, musique concrète, electronic tonalities, experimental, and soundscapes.

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